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The Defence of Stephen (7) Worship that is Not Pleasing to God <Ac 7:44-53>



* Man has the inclination to worship.

* That is what God put in man – a form of awareness that he is a created being.

* Man’s worship should only be for the God who created him.

* Man can only give to men respect, love and admiration, but not worship.

* If we are not worshipping the only true God, we will be worshipping idols.

* A person will grow to be like his idol.

Read <Ps 115:8>

* The worship that God demands from us.

Read <Jn 4:24>

1)      God is spirit.

2)      Worship Him in the Spirit.

3)      Worship Him in truth.


Read <Ac 7:44-53>

1. <v44> Is the tabernacle of the covenant law great or God’s instructions greater?


2. <v45> Not that the tabernacle had power, but God who was present with Israel through the tabernacle was the one with power.

* Israel was superstitious, believing that the tabernacle could bring them victory.

* Eli’s sons brought along the ark of the covenant in the tabernacle as they fought Israel’s enemies. They not only lost their lives but the ark was taken by enemies.

* Only after David captured Jerusalem, was the ark brought back.


3. <v46-50> How did God view man building a house for Him?

* Read <2 Sam 7:1-13>. God told David 3 things:

1) God does not live in houses made by human hands.

2) It was not David who blessed the Lord, but God blessed David, and established his kingdom.

3) God was pleased with David’s heart, but chose his son Solomon to build the temple.


* What is the temple of God?

1) The body of Christ.

* Read <Jn 2:19,21>

2) The body of those who believe and worship Christ.

* Read <1 Co 3:16>


4. <v51> Stephen exposed the sins of the Jewish leaders.

1) Stiff-necked.

2) Hearts and ears uncircumcised.

3) Resisted the Holy Spirit.


5. <v52> You are like your ancestors, belonging to the group who doesn’t believe.


6. <v53> You have not obeyed the law given through angels.

Read <Deut 33:2>

Read <Ps 68:17>


7. Conclusion: Must have the right understanding about the worship of God.