Sun Message, 12/3/23, 9.30am

If there are those who are sent, then there will be those who will hear <Acts 8:26-35>



* Philip was led by the Lord to share the gospel with an Ethiopian eunuch

* Evangelism is indeed the active work of the Holy Spirit, not from man’s initiative

* Holy Spirit sends people to evangelise (share the Good News of Jesus)

* If we are not equipped in God’s word, how can we share?

* However, even if we are equipped, God will surely prepare those who will hear.

* There are 2 kinds of person who often fail in evangelism:

1) Those who wants to evangelise, but cannot meet those who wants to hear

2) Those who meet those who wants to hear, but they are unable to share.


*How can we point people to Christ from the Word of God?


Read <Acts 8:26-35>


1. <v26>: ‘Angel of the Lord, Holy Spirit and Spirit of the Lord’ all refer to the work of the Lord, just revealed to man in different forms.

* Angel of the Lord instructed Philip to go to Gaza (wilderness)

* What the Lord is doing in Philip is not easily understood by others.

(1) Lord led Philip away from Samaria which is going through a revival

(2) Lord led Philip to a remote place to evangelise



2. <v27-28>: Background of this Ethiopian official

(1) This Ethiopian official is black

(2) This Ethiopian official is a eunuch, in charge of the treasury of the queen of the Ethiopians

(3) This Ethiopian official must be a converted Jew.

(4) This Ethiopian official must have spent a lot of money to buy the copy of Book of Isaiah, wanting to know Judaism more (seeker)


3. <v29-30>: Philip is led by the Holy Spirit.


4. <v31>: The Ethiopian official’s humility


5. <v32>: Because of our sin, the Messiah suffered in silence


6. <v33>: The Messiah was judged because of our sin


7. <v34-35>: Philip used the bible to talk to the official about Jesus.

* How do people today talk about Jesus? Do they start by talking about sin?

* God gave the church 2 gifts:

(1) Bible

(2) Pastors and Teachers who are able to open, explain, preach and apply Biblical truths


8. How did God bless the Ethiopian official?

(1) Allow him to acquire the Book of Isaiah

(2) Send Philip to evangelise to him – preach and explain the revelations in the book.

** Are the church leaders today doing this?