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32:1 雅各仍旧行路,神的使者遇见他。
And Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him.
32:2 雅各看见他们就说:「这是神的军兵」,于是给那地方起名叫玛哈念(就是二军兵的意思)。
And Jacob said when he saw them, This is God`s host: and he called the name of that place Mahanaim.
32:3 雅各打发人先往西珥地去,就是以东地,见他哥哥以扫,
And Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother unto the land of Seir, the field of Edom.
32:4 吩咐他们说:「你们对我主以扫说:『你的仆人雅各这样说:我在拉班那里寄居,直到如今。
And he commanded them, saying, Thus shall ye say unto my lord Esau: Thus saith thy servant Jacob, I have sojourned with Laban, and stayed until now:
32:5 我有牛、驴、羊群、仆婢,现在打发人来报告我主,为要在你眼前蒙恩。』」
and I have oxen, and asses, [and] flocks, and men-servants, and maid-servants: and I have sent to tell my lord, that I may find favor in thy sight.
32:6 所打发的人回到雅各那里,说:「我们到了你哥哥以扫那里,他带着四百人,正迎着你来。」
And the messengers returned to Jacob, saying, We came to thy brother Esau, and moreover he cometh to meet thee, and four hundred men with him.
32:7 雅各就甚惧怕,而且愁烦,便把那与他同在的人口和羊群、牛群、骆驼分做两队,
Then Jacob was greatly afraid and was distressed: and he divided the people that were with him, and the flocks, and the herds, and the camels, into two companies;
32:8 说:「以扫若来击杀这一队,剩下的那一队还可以逃避。」
and he said, If Esau come to the one company, and smite it, then the company which is left shall escape.
32:9 雅各说:「耶和华我祖亚伯拉罕的神,我父亲以撒的神啊,你曾对我说:『回你本地本族去,我要厚待你。』
And Jacob said, O God of my father Abraham, and God of my father Isaac, O Jehovah, who saidst unto me, Return unto thy country, and to thy kindred, and I will do thee good:
32:10 你向仆人所施的一切慈爱和诚实,我一点也不配得;我先前只拿着我的杖过这约但河,如今我却成了两队了。
I am not worthy of the least of all the lovingkindnesses, and of all the truth, which thou hast showed unto thy servant; for with my staff I passed over this Jordan; and now I am become two companies.
32:11 求你救我脱离我哥哥以扫的手;因为我怕他来杀我,连妻子带儿女一同杀了。
Deliver me, I pray thee, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau: for I fear him, lest he come and smite me, the mother with the children.
32:12 你曾说:『我必定厚待你,使你的后裔如同海边的沙,多得不可胜数。』」
And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good, and make thy seed as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered for multitude.
32:13 当夜,雅各在那里住宿,就从他所有的物中拿礼物要送给他哥哥以扫:
And he lodged there that night, and took of that which he had with him a present for Esau his brother:
32:14 母山羊二百只,公山羊二十只,母绵羊二百只,公绵羊二十只,
two hundred she-goats and twenty he-goats, two hundred ewes and twenty rams,
32:15 奶崽子的骆驼三十只,各带着崽子,母牛四十只,公牛十只,母驴二十匹,驴驹十匹;
thirty milch camels and their colts, forty cows and ten bulls, twenty she-asses and ten foals.
32:16 每样各分一群,交在仆人手下,就对仆人说:「你们要在我前头过去,使群群相离,有空闲的地方」;
And he delivered them into the hand of his servants, every drove by itself, and said unto his servants, Pass over before me, and put a space betwixt drove and drove.
32:17 又吩咐尽先走的说:「我哥哥以扫遇见你的时候,问你说:『你是那家的人?要往那里去?你前头这些是谁的?』
And he commanded the foremost, saying, When Esau my brother meeteth thee, and asketh thee, saying, Whose art thou? and whither goest thou? and whose are these before thee?
32:18 你就说:『是你仆人雅各的,是送给我主以扫的礼物;他自己也在我们后边。』」
then thou shalt say [They are] thy servant Jacob`s; it is a present sent unto my lord Esau: and, behold, he also is behind us.
32:19 又吩咐第二、第三,和一切赶群畜的人说:「你们遇见以扫的时候也要这样对他说;
And he commanded also the second, and the third, and all that followed the droves, saying, On this manner shall ye speak unto Esau, when ye find him;
32:20 并且你们要说:『你仆人雅各在我们后边。』」因雅各心里说:「我借着在我前头去的礼物解他的恨,然后再见他的面,或者他容纳我。」
and ye shall say, Moreover, behold, thy servant Jacob is behind us. For he said, I will appease him with the present that goeth before me, and afterward I will see his face; peradventure he will accept me.
32:21 于是礼物先过去了;那夜,雅各在队中住宿。
So the present passed over before him: and he himself lodged that night in the company.
32:22 他夜间起来,带着两个妻子,两个使女,并十一个儿子,都过了雅博渡口,
And he rose up that night, and took his two wives, and his two handmaids, and his eleven children, and passed over the ford of the Jabbok.
32:23 先打发他们过河,又打发所有的都过去,
And he took them, and sent them over the stream, and sent over that which he had.
32:24 只剩下雅各一人。有一个人来和他摔跤,直到黎明。
And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.
32:25 那人见自己胜不过他,就将他的大腿窝摸了一把,雅各的大腿窝正在摔跤的时候就扭了。
And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob`s thigh was strained, as he wrestled with him.
32:26 那人说:「天黎明了,容我去吧!」雅各说:「你不给我祝福,我就不容你去。」
And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.
32:27 那人说:「你名叫什么?」他说:「我名叫雅各。」
And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob.
32:28 那人说:「你的名不要再叫雅各,要叫以色列;因为你与神与人较力,都得了胜。」
And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for thou hast striven with God and with men, and hast prevailed.
32:29 雅各问他说:「请将你的名告诉我。」那人说:「何必问我的名?」于是在那里给雅各祝福。
And Jacob asked him, and said, Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there.
32:30 雅各便给那地方起名叫毗努伊勒(就是神之面的意思),意思说:「我面对面见了神,我的性命仍得保全。」
And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for, [said he], I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.
32:31 日头刚出来的时候,雅各经过毗努伊勒,他的大腿就瘸了。
And the sun rose upon him as he passed over Penuel, and he limped upon his thigh.
32:32 故此,以色列人不吃大腿窝的筋,直到今日,因为那人摸了雅各大腿窝的筋。
Therefore the children of Israel eat not the sinew of the hip which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day: because he touched the hollow of Jacob`s thigh in the sinew of the hip.
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