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1:1 奉神旨意,作基督耶稣使徒的保罗和兄弟提摩太
Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus through the will of God, and Timothy our brother,
1:2 写信给歌罗西的圣徒,在基督里有忠心的弟兄。愿恩惠、平安从神我们的父归与你们!
To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ [that are] at Colossae: Grace to you and peace from God our Father.
1:3 我们感谢神、我们主耶稣基督的父,常常为你们祷告;
We give thanks to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you,
1:4 因听见你们在基督耶稣里的信心,并向众圣徒的爱心,
having heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have toward all the saints,
1:5 是为那给你们存在天上的盼望;这盼望就是你们从前在福音真理的道上所听见的。
because of the hope which is laid up for you in the heavens, whereof ye heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel,
1:6 这福音传到你们那里,也传到普天之下,并且结果,增长,如同在你们中间,自从你们听见福音,真知道神恩惠的日子一样。
which is come unto you; even as it is also in all the world bearing fruit and increasing, as [it doth] in you also, since the day ye heard and knew the grace of God in truth;
1:7 正如你们从我们所亲爱、一同作仆人的以巴弗所学的。他为我们(有古卷:你们)作了基督忠心的执事,
even as ye learned of Epaphras our beloved fellow-servant, who is a faithful minister of Christ on our behalf,
1:8 也把你们因圣灵所存的爱心告诉了我们。
who also declared unto us your love in the Spirit.
1:9 因此,我们自从听见的日子,也就为你们不住的祷告祈求,愿你们在一切属灵的智慧悟性上,满心知道神的旨意;
For this cause we also, since the day we heard [it], do not cease to pray and make request for you, that ye may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding,
1:10 好叫你们行事为人对得起主,凡事蒙他喜悦,在一切善事上结果子,渐渐的多知道神;
to walk worthily of the Lord unto all pleasing, bearing fruit in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;
1:11 照他荣耀的权能,得以在各样的力上加力,好叫你们凡事欢欢喜喜的忍耐宽容;
strengthened with all power, according to the might of his glory, unto all patience and longsuffering with joy;
1:12 又感谢父,叫我们能与众圣徒在光明中同得基业。
giving thanks unto the Father, who made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light;
1:13 他救了我们脱离黑暗的权势,把我们迁到他爱子的国里;
who delivered us out of the power of darkness, and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of his love;
1:14 我们在爱子里得蒙救赎,罪过得以赦免。
in whom we have our redemption, the forgiveness of our sins:
1:15 爱子是那不能看见之神的像,是首生的,在一切被造的以先。
who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation;
1:16 因为万有都是靠他造的,无论是天上的,地上的;能看见的,不能看见的;或是有位的,主治的,执政的,掌权的;一概都是借着他造的,又是为他造的。
for in him were all things created, in the heavens and upon the earth, things visible and things invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers; all things have been created through him, and unto him;
1:17 他在万有之先;万有也靠他而立。
and he is before all things, and in him all things consist.
1:18 他也是教会全体之首。他是元始,是从死里首先复生的,使他可以在凡事上居首位。
And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.
1:19 因为父喜欢叫一切的丰盛在他里面居住。
For it was the good pleasure [of the Father] that in him should all the fulness dwell;
1:20 既然借着他在十字架上所流的血成就了和平,便借着他叫万有,无论是地上的、天上的都与自己和好了。
and through him to reconcile all things unto himself, having made peace through the blood of his cross; through him, [I say], whether things upon the earth, or things in the heavens.
1:21 你们从前与神隔绝,因着恶行,心里与他为敌。
And you, being in time past alienated and enemies in your mind in your evil works,
1:22 但如今他借着基督的肉身受死,叫你们与自己和好,都成了圣洁,没有瑕疵,无可责备,把你们引到自己面前。
yet now hath he reconciled in the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and without blemish and unreproveable before him:
1:23 只要你们在所信的道上恒心,根基稳固,坚定不移,不至被引动失去﹝原文作离开﹞福音的盼望。这福音就是你们所听过的,也是传与普天下万人听的(原文作凡受造的),我保罗也作了这福音的执事。
if so be that ye continue in the faith, grounded and stedfast, and not moved away from the hope of the gospel which ye heard, which was preached in all creation under heaven; whereof I Paul was made a minister.
1:24 现在我为你们受苦,倒觉欢乐;并且为基督的身体,就是为教会,要在我肉身上补满基督患难的缺欠。
Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and fill up on my part that which is lacking of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body`s sake, which is the church;
1:25 我照神为你们所赐我的职分作了教会的执事,要把神的道理传得全备,
whereof I was made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which was given me to you-ward, to fulfil the word of God,
1:26 这道理就是历世历代所隐藏的奥秘;但如今向他的圣徒显明了。
[even] the mystery which hath been hid for ages and generations: but now hath it been manifested to his saints,
1:27 神愿意叫他们知道,这奥秘在外邦人中有何等丰盛的荣耀,就是基督在你们心里成了有荣耀的盼望。
to whom God was pleased to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:
1:28 我们传扬他,是用诸般的智慧,劝戒各人,教导各人,要把各人在基督里完完全全的引到神面前。
whom we proclaim, admonishing every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ;
1:29 我也为此劳苦,照着他在我里面运用的大能尽心竭力。
whereunto I labor also, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily.
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